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Terra Networks Peru S.A.

In 2008, I was working in Terra (online media company of Telefonica) when the Manager asked me to increase by 30% the website traffic, number of page views, visitors and unique visitors to the Tourism page. The target audience was people who want and search for current information about tourism news, trips and holiday destinations in Peru (male – female, aged 20-50).

In order to improve the content, I considered the users’ feedback, because this is very important when defining the relevant information that they want to see on the web. The users could easily send comments by the section “Write to us”. Also, I checked the competition to find out what they were doing, seeking further insight and the possibility of improving my own (Ryan and Jones, 2012).

My strategy was based on three points (considering users’ feedback and competition) in order to attract users’ attention:

1. Offer valuable prizes through contests on the website (Wilson, 2012). I made arrangements with a travel agency Domiruth and the Marriott Hotel Lima. The deal was: Domiruth gave away national tour packages (flights and hotel) and Marriott a dinner at La Vista Restaurant and in return they got free online advertising on the Terra website.

2. Famous travellers: I created this new section and I contacted famous Peruvian artists, who shared their stories and pictures (favourite trips) on the website.

3. Tell us about your trip: I created this new section, where the travel stories and photographs provided by users were published.

The objective was achieved because there was a considerable increase of more than 30% in web traffic, audience, page views and visitors to the Tourism page. This campaign was effective because I defined the target audience, analysed the competition and considered the views of users about the website. This is very important and can determine the success of it (Ryan and Jones, 2012). Also, I grabbed users’ attention by offering relevant content (content marketing), as their participation being the protagonists of their own stories (user generated content).

Moreover, the online contests were well received by the audience, because the prizes were valuable and the use of celebrities sharing their stories were relevant and had broad appeal. Also, I promoted the new sections on the Home page (it was very important to regularly liaise with the editor), making sure that these were properly promoted and spread  throughout the website.

However, this strategy didn’t work for the unique visitors because there wasn’t an increase of 30% and I think this job could be improved the next time if I plan an email marketing campaign to promote the website and gather users data effectively when they register in a contest and create a blog to increase visibility. Furthermore, to measure and improve website’s effectiveness, I would include search engine traffic, bounce rate and conversion rate (subscribe to online newsletter). This is vital as it helps: meet usability requirements and make it useful for the users, so they can easily find the information they want.

·Ryan, D. and Jones, C. (2012) Understanding Digital Marketing. London, UK: Kogan Page Publishers.
·Wilson, R. (2012) The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing [online], May. Available at: http://webmarketingtoday.com/articles/viral-principles/. [Accessed 14th November, 2014]


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Terra Peru – Tourism site

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